Socialization of RBG-3B Well Drilling Preparation in Pranten Village, Kec. Shack

On August 6, 2020, TIS Petroleum E&P Blora has carried out the Socialization of Preparation for the RBG-3B Well Drilling which is located in Pranten Village, Kec. Gubug, Kab. Grobogan to representatives of community members around the Pranten village and  Gubug village attended by the Head of the Sub-District of the Gubug, Achmad Basuki Mulyono, S.Sos. MM. along with all levels of the Forkompincam regional leadership and local officials who were held at the local District Hall.

As for the main agenda of the socialization is to provide an explanation to the community members around the RBG-3B well regarding how the process of drilling the RBG-3B well begins and is carried out properly and smoothly without any obstacles. This aims to provide understanding to local residents so that there are no worries during the drilling process.

“Drilling is planned to begin on August 26, 2020, which is marked with a symbolic button press by the Regent of Grobogan, Head of SKK Migas Representative of Jabanusa, and Director of TIS Petroleum E&P Blora,” Moch Rizal said as the TIS Petroleum Drilling Engineer.

The socialization went welland got good enthusiasm from the local community by expecting the results of the RBG-3B well drilling to run smoothly and give good results so that the welfare of the surrounding residents could be realized.

The news of this socialization was published by local media, including and

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