TIS Petroleum E&P Blora Pte. Ltd Doing Courtesy Visit to Stakeholders in Grobogan…

Grobogan, 17 January 2020, TIS Petroleum E&P Blora PTE. LTD together with SKK Migas representatives of JABANUSA made a courtesy visit to stakeholders at the Grobogan Regent’s office, Central Java Province regarding the planned operation of the RBG-3B Exploration well drilling operation in Gubug District.

This activity was attended by the Regent of Grobogan, Mrs. Sri Sumarni S.H., MM., Secretary of Grobogan Regency, Mr. Moh. Sumarsono, Kaplores Grobogan AKBP Ronny Tri Prasetyo Nugroho, Dandim 0717 Purwodadi Lieutenant Colonel Inf. Asman Mokoginta, Head of SKK Migas JABANUSA, Mr. Nurwahidi as well as the ranks of the Grobogan Regency FKPD.

Tutug Sri Jatmiko, Manager of SCM & Logistics as a representative of TIS Petroleum Management said, at the end of 2019 TIS Petroleum E&P Blora Pte. Ltd has acquired the Blora Block and continues the exploration activities carried out by the previous operator, namely PT Seleraya Energy (SRE). TIS Petroleum program is to drill the RBG-3B exploration well. The target of the RBG-3B well is Gas, after drilling the RBG-3B well and proving the existence of Oil or Gas reserves, TIS Petroleum will submit a POD or production plan in the RBG-3B field.

The Regent of Grobogan, Mrs. Sri Sumarni, welcomed the exploration plan for drilling the RBG-3B well in Pranten Village, she hopes that the gas potential there will be large enough so that it can be used to improve the people’s economy in Grobogan Regency.

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